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Dancers Grow Up Happy and Age Gracefully. Here's why:

Dancers Grow Up Happy and Age Gracefully.  Here's why:

As a child growing up in Singapore, dance classes was a significant part of my life.  It brought me to places of great imagination within my mind where I could express myself freely and whole-heartedly.  Ballet classes were my weekly source of adventure where I could fly like a bird, jump like a ball and more (as that was one of the few kids classes we had back then in Singapore in the 1980s).

As I grew older and stresses of life started creeping in, Ballet and later on other dance forms like Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Tango and more became a place of escapism where I could run away to a fantasy place and forget about the world for a moment, and also where I could vent all my frustrations.  Looking back, dance brought a lot of benefits into my life.  It kept me fit and healthy, it gave me a good sense of rhythm and confidence in my body, and apparently it keeps my mind sharp too.

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There's been research to show that people who grew up dancing are less stressed and happier.  It is a great outlet to release the daily stresses of life, encourages creativity and just brings so much fun and happiness to those who embrace it.  Sweddish researchers studied teenage girls with pains, stress and depression and found that weekly dance classes helped to alleviate stress and boost happiness up to 8 months after the dance classes ended.

"Dance allows people to experience themselves in ways they didn't know they could," says Miriam Berger, a dance professor and dance therapist at New York University. "You can change your internal state through external movement." 

Jean Rose used dance as a therapy to get through her ordeal with breast cancer and she says "I've been going back every week," Rose says. "It doesn't just make you feel better physically, it really makes you feel better emotionally."

Even though we know of the benefits of exercise in relieving stress and anxiety and feeling good in general, dance seems to take it a step further.  Research done in the University of London placed patients with anxiety disorder through therapeutic sessions with dance, math, music and exercise classes.  Dance classes was found to reap the most benefits in terms of reducing anxiety.

As author Vicki Baum once said:  "There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them."

Dancing also "increases cognitive acuity at all ages".  Studies have been done to show that dance can ward off Alzheimer's disease and other dementia at 76% as compared to other activities like reading, cycling and swimming

Taking a dance class can sharpen your cognitive skills, keeping your mind sharp as you age.  Dancing integrates several brain functions all at once — kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional — further increasing your neural connectivity. 

So I don't intend to stop dancing.  Not only do I love to dance, the mental and physical health benefits to dance are tremendous.  If you have not danced before, give it a try!  It's not too late to start whether you are 4 years old or 60 years old.  Try a dance class in Singapore right now!

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